Ezekiel 16:2 – The Unworthiness of Man

In Ezekiel 16:2 we see Jerusalem needed to be reminded of her sins.  The children of Israel had forgotten their unworthiness.  They had actually been rebellious toward God from the time of their founding as a nation.  When God chose Abraham to father this nation, He did not choose him because of his righteousness; God chose him out of mercy.  Throughout the history of Israel, we see a recurring cycle.  First, they rebel against God.  Then, God judges them for their disobedience.  During the judgment, they recognize their sin and ask for forgiveness.  In the end, the Lord extends mercy to them. Throughout their history, we see Israel repeat this cycle.  Each time the Lord sends them a prophet, shows them their sin, and reminds them to repent and return to Him. In this passage, we can see Ezekiel being sent to Israel for this same purpose.

In the same way, we need to be reminded of our unworthiness.  As Christians, it is easy to become calloused toward our own sins.  We may think we are above sin or we are better than those around us. The preaching and reading of God’s Word remind us of our sin and unworthiness before God.  In spite of our sinful nature, God extends mercy to us through the blood of Jesus Christ.  If you have forgotten the place from which you have come, take time to reflect on your unworthiness and search your heart for unconfessed sin.  Remember, it is only through the outstretched hand of our merciful God that you can live a victorious Christian life.  It is not something you can do in your own strength.   

Mrs. Christina Renshaw

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