Mark 6:52

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Mark 6:52 “For they considered not the miracle of the loaves: for their heart was hardened.” 

How could the followers of Jesus have hard hearts even after seeing great miracles?  We see the phrase hard heart a few times throughout Scripture.  What does this phrase mean and how does one overcome a hard heart? 

I.  What is a hard heart?

The word hardened in this verse means to petrify.  When wood is fossilized, it is called petrification.  The wood will actually begin to mineralize and harden into crystals or minerals.  Petrification can take place through rapid burial in volcanic ash or through a quick saturation of water.  Each method of petrification involves the wood being covered in a substance.  How does this apply to the idea of a hard heart?

II.  How does one get a hard heart?

In the story of the Pharoah of Egypt and the release of the Israelite slaves, Pharoah had the opportunity to see many miracles.  He watched as Aaron threw down the rod, and it turned into a serpent, and yet he “covered up” that miracle with a trick from his magicians mimicking the miracle of God.  He watched as the great Nile River turned into blood, killing all the fish and making it undrinkable.  Yet, he still “covered up” the miracle he saw with tricks from his magicians.  He refused to see the power of God and continued to believe he knew better than the Israelite’s God. 

III. How does one prevent a hard heart?

My son, Titus, often comes to me with a story which I believe he heard in a previous devotional or sermon.  “Mom, imagine if you were driving in a parking lot, and you prayed for God to give you a place to park.  Then a place opened right in front of you, and you said, ‘Never mind God, I found one.’  That would be really silly wouldn’t it, Mom?”  When I ask him why it would be silly, he says, “Well, God opened it up for you, and you didn’t thank God for it!”  I am glad that he sees the application of that story so clearly because I want him to see and look for the miracles of God in his own life.  How often do we pray for something, see God answer, and excuse it without taking time to be thankful?  Let us be continually thankful for the prayers that God has answered.  Never allow our hearts to be hardened to the everyday blessings the Lord has bestowed on us.

Mrs. Christina Renshaw

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