Matthew 6:33

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Matthew 6:33 “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

This verse is a promise from God to take care of everyone of us who puts Him first.  When you seek God first, He will add “all these things” unto you.  So, what are “these things” which will be “added unto you”?  

I. God will add to you food.  

I had the opportunity to grow up in a big family.  While I never thought my family was poor, I do remember times when our cupboards were not full.  During a couple of these times, we came home to find a box of food at our door.  I remember my mom saying, “God knew we needed this, and He is taking care of us.”   In Matthew 6:26, Jesus says that God even feeds the birds.  If God can feed the birds, do you truly believe He can provide “much better” for you?

II. God will add to you drink.  

It is said that a person can survive one to two months without food but only three days without water.  Water is necessary for our bodies to function.  In the middle of a desert, God caused water to come out of a rock, and He caused the water to follow the Israelites until they reached Canaan. What a comfort that God promises to provide this most important necessity to those who put Him first.

III. God will add to you clothing.  

Over the past few years of four pregnancies and childbirths, one thing I have struggled with finding clothes that fit me properly. Early on in my marriage, there were times when we did not have enough funds to just go out and buy a whole new wardrobe.  In those times, the Lord laid it on the hearts of multiple ladies for them to give me clothes.  These ladies will never know how much of a blessing they were to me and how God used them to take care of a need in my life.  Throughout all of life’s cares and trials, let it be a comfort to you that your God will take care of your needs when you put Him first in your life.

Mrs. Christina Renshaw

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